Welcome to life in a bourne again shell

Life in a Bash is a site dedicated to... Well frankly, the utterly useless ramblings of a software engineer with a penchant for building stuff.

This blog is slowly being build out by myself from scratch. Not because I hate myself or that I felt there needed to be another Django Blog app in the universe. I am doing this for two reasons. One I wanted to do something grass roots, for me. I have worked for large international companies for years. Load balancing, development/integration/QA/staging/production environments, change control boards, peer reviews, security audits and it is time for some fly boy fun. Secondly, I wanted something created with my "needs" in mind. No more, no less.

Having said that I intend to make this no less then an "enterprise" ready system. History, multi-user, thread locking, audit trails, imports, exports, searching, automated future posting, related posting, tags, comments... the works.

As for content, your guess is as good as mine. I hope to see you around. ;)